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On September 8, 1956, a meeting of ten people was held at the Youngblood's Restaurant State Fairgrounds, Dallas, Texas, for the purpose of giving consideration to the matter of forming an association within the state of Oklahoma for stimulating the interest in the Arabian Horse. Those attending the first meeting were: Mary Glass, Christina Bothe, Helen Bates, Claude Bates, Jr., Maxine Winters, Jean Rowe, Ivan E. Rowe, Pearl Leeper, and Carl Leeper.
The group present selected the name of OKLAHOMA ARABIAN HORSE CLUB to be the name of such organization with Ivan E. Rowe to serve as temporary presiding officer and authorized him to incorporate under the laws of Oklahoma as a non-profit organization. On November 4, 1956, Mary Glass of Tulsa was elected the first President of the club, Vice President was Dick Shannan, and Claude L. Bates, Jr. was elected secretary-treasurer. Seven Directors were elected: Christina Bothe, John Cushing, Thelma Martin, Owen C. McEwen, Anna A. Neff, Carl Leeper, and Loring Winters. Ivan E. Rowe was appointed Chairman of the By-Laws Committee.
Of those first members, two have served the International Arabian Horse Association as National President: Ivan E. Rowe and Owen C. McEwen. Through the years the club has grown from 9 members to as many as 400 in 1983. Current membership is approximately 45. The club held shows regularly since the first club sponsored show in 1960. In 1963 the State Fair of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, added the Arabian Show to the growing number of horse shows during the 10 day fair.
The first event held in the new arena at the Oklahoma City State Fair Grounds was an Arabian Horse Show sponsored by the OAHC in September, 1965. The Oklahoma Arabian Horse Club hosted the U.S. National Championship Shows in Oklahoma City in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972.
The Club started their first Futurity in 1961 for purebred Arabians.

We look forward to many more decades of fun in the amazing Arabian industry! Please join us today!

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